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Auto provision variable values when using Teams Toolkit

Are you a developer who likes to develop applications for Microsoft Teams or wish to develop in the future? It could be Tabs, Bots, Messaging extensions, or, any extensibility points ...

In TeamsToolkit, MicrosoftTeams, Aug 09, 2023

CI/CD for SPFx Deployment in Azure DevOps using M365 CLI

Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment (CI/CD) is an integral part of any development. This would be the case especially if you have a setup where build and releases are par...

In SPFx, CI/CD, Sep 07, 2022

Export Microsoft Teams Chat Conversations using PowerShell

Have you been looking out for a scenario where you want to export Microsoft Teams Chat conversation, could be a 1 on 1 chat, Group Chat or a meeting conversation to a CSV format. For ...

In MSTeamsConversation, CLIMicrosoft365, Jan 03, 2022

Azure Cloud Shell issue when using CLI for M365 - Workaround

Azure Cloud Shell is one of the cool Azure features which will help you to execute Bash / PowerShell script from the browser. The best part is that Azure Cloud shell even supports CLI...

In CLIMicrosoft365, AzureCloudShell, Oct 12, 2021

Add multiple users to associated SharePoint groups of a site

Imagine a situation where you want to add users to the associated SharePoint groups of a site and you do not know the Group Id / or name of the SharePoint groups associated for each p...

In CLIMicrosoft365, Permission, Oct 05, 2021

Add multiple users to SharePoint Group

Adding a user to a SharePoint group from custom solutions via REST API in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solutions or Power Automate or any other custom solutions is a very common scenar...

In SharePoint, SharePointPermission, RESTAPI, Aug 13, 2021

Get Associated Groups of a SharePoint Site (Owners, Members)

There will be cases where you want to know the associated Owner or a Member or a Visitor group of a specific SharePoint site. This will be very much needed if you want to,

In SharePoint, RESTAPI, M365CLI, Jun 16, 2021

Monitor and Notify M365 health using CLI for Microsoft 365

Are you an IT Pro who wants to have a solution that checks the status of your Microsoft 365 Tenant.

In M365Status, M365CLI, ITPro, Jan 24, 2021

Setup and configure WSL 2 for your development setup

Ever since the release of WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), it has been all over the news and the beatiful flavour of Linux which could be used via Windows. I am not going into the b...

In WSL2, DevelopmentSetup, Dec 28, 2020

Get Permission Report for a File using CLI for Microsoft 365

Have you struggled a way to know the Sharing Information details for a particular file which is there in SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business? Have you wondered and thought abou...

In SharePointOnline, DocumentLibrary, Microsoft365CLI, OneDrive, Nov 19, 2020