I am Arjun Menon. I work as a Technical Architect for an IT Services company based out of India. A person who started loving the cloud right at the moment when it came into the picture. Always been a fan of Microsoft stack and now exploring the beauty of the mighty Microsoft 365. I like to call myself a consultant. Love to give solutions to the client who wants to be lazy like me. Wants to make things happen with the least number of steps. Those are the people who I love most and I thrive to make their life easier. I live in India where the diversities are part and parcel of the entire country and have been loving just because of that.

Off late I started contributing to the mighty Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices Community. Thought I started contributing to the community a year and a half back, it is off late, I started loving it. Needless to say, there was no looking back. I had been a big fan of CLI for Microsoft 365 right from the beginning and no wonder I started contributing to that.

The contributions started making my trajectory in a cruising mode. To begin with, by February 2021, I was fortunate enough to be included as one of the maintainers of the amazing CLI for Microsoft 365 beginning of February 2021. One of the best news of 2021. Then by March 2022, I was awarded The Microsoft MVP (Most Professional Award) for Microsoft 365 development. That was one of the achivement which will always be closer to my heart. Within another couple of weeks, another huge news awaited me - I was inducted to the elite Microsoft 365 PnP (Patterns and Practices) Team.

I was part of The Toastmasters Club for more than 3 years. But currently in a break from the amazing journey.

When I am not delved in the technical zone, you can see me indulged in food or kindling eagerly through my Amazon Kindle 📔.

Have a pleasant stay while you Live Inside the Cloud. Feel free to connect me via any of the below social media handles.