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Convert Microsoft Word Document to PDF using Power Automate

Have you faced a situation where you want to convert a Microsoft Word document in SharePoint Document Library to PDF using Power Automate? When you check the Power Automate Actions, y...

In PowerAutomate, DocumentLibrary, ConvertWordtoPDF, Nov 17, 2020

Get Permission Report for a file in SharePoint Online

How do we get the permission report for a particular SharePoint file. Now with change in Sharing experience in Modern SharePoint, there are many aspects like external sharing, direct ...

In SharePointOnline, DocumentLibrary, Nov 15, 2020

Hactoberfest 2020 - Icing on the Cake - Journey

On a fine day when you are living with your life, you get an email with an beatiful message which says something like below,

In Hactoberfest2020, Microsoft365CLI, Oct 31, 2020

Get SharePoint Document Library Name from File Unique ID

Have you recieved a use case where you need to know the Document Library Name from the Unique Id of the File. Let us assume you have a URL with unique File id something similar to this,

In SharePointOnline, DocumentLibrary, Oct 29, 2020