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Hactoberfest 2020 - Icing on the Cake - Journey

Oct 31, 2020 · 2 mins read
Hactoberfest 2020 - Icing on the Cake - Journey
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On a fine day when you are living with your life, you get an email with an beatiful message which says something like below,


You completed Hacktoberfest 2020

Well the the first thing which came to my mind -

Don’t run behind success. Run behind excellence, success will come running behind you.

Cliched. Highly cliched isn’t it?

Well! How much ever cliched it may be, that is what it happened in reality. When I actively started contributing to CLI for Microsoft 365, I loved right from the first contribution. I was actively contributing to the project since I loved doing it. When I saw the message in twitter that CLI for Microsoft 365, is part of that, I literally could not hold my happiness.

  1. I had already made 3 contributions (You need 4 or more Pull Request (PR) to be eligible for that)
  2. Nothing could be better than getting this laurel for my First Contribution to the great #OSS (Open Source Software)

The best part was that, I did not want to strive to get this award. I wouldn’t have done it even if I wanted to. Owing to my laziness again. One thing which I did is, I continued doing what I loved. Contributing to the awesome Microsoft 365 CLI. After 2 weeks, I completed minimum criteria. Little did I realize after a week that, I had contributed 2 more Pull Request (PR) than the required. Had I tried going behind the winning alone, I am pretty sure, I would have stopped in between. I am not sure, whether I was going behind excellence, I was sure, I am doing something which I loved. When you have started to contribute to the amazing community, especially Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP), you realize that they are the best community. You cannot see better inclusiveness than this. You get chance to rub shoulders (Virtually) with stalwarts whose blogs you had been following right from the beginning of your career. Where else can you you get this chance. I don’t think anywhere else.

So if you have another award, say Hactdecember2020 (Of course I made that up 😎), I am sure I will not take part in that. But if it comes along with something which I love to do, I am sure I would definitely eligible for that.